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wiper motor fitting

Postby snowy2 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:22 am

Now i dont know what you lads out there have used but what ever it was its likely to be a mash up, here is my new wiper motor fitted to my car to replace the push/pull cable type it had. this type of motor does not like tight cable runs or cables turned through too tight bends, as a consequence my motor used to melt the parking switch after only a few minutes of use so it would no longer self park. it was also tiresome to find a motor second hand which has the right "sweep" for our little screens.
So my solution was to take a trip to the local scrappers and find a more suitable motor assy. I chose a complete package from a Vauxhall Corsa "C" it cost only £15.
the motor assy was too wide for my screen so i cut spindle arms off the end and shortened the bracket they mounted to. The push/pull arms also needed shortening and the whole mounted to the underside of my scuttle.


The spindles rather than being fixed to the motor bracket are now fixed to the scuttle the motor bracket has two small plates welded to it to fix the motor to the scuttle.....

the wiring up of the motor was a pain to work out, but it works as it should now with two speeds and a park function.


Basically the relays (Relay 1) swap between high and low speed and (Relay2) supplies the park current. the wiper switch earth's relay 2 in low speed and the motor starts, when you switch the second speed the switch must keep relay 1 active and earth relay 2 which will change it from low to high speed. when all the wipers are off relay 2 will return to its "off" state which then supplies the park switch to bring the wipers to their rest position.
The letters on the motor refer to the plug on the wiper motor (in the picture from top to bottom) the plug is also numbered in this way.

hope this is off some use for some out there.
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