Dutton s3 My project part 1

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Dutton s3 My project part 1

Postby plutos3 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:12 pm

After searching about for several months in the north east of scotland this was the only dutton I could find. I originaly wanted another B+ .
Image [iImagemg][/img]

As yoy can see from the pics in not a prize example but it needed to be rescued. The car came to me with a essex v6 engine , it was fitted badly with bits of cassis cut out and gear box mounts you would not hang your christmas decorations on.
Image Image Image

Once the car was home it was striped down to the chassis, The damaged chassis cross members were replaced, new engine mounts were fabrcated and fitted and I made the gearbox cross member removeable. At the rear end the chassis was modified to accept a 5 link suspension setup.
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