lofftys s1 rebuild

Re: lofftys s1 rebuild

Postby loffty » Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:35 pm

hi kev no i will be putting the top coat on my self as i have done a few motorbikes in the past and have turned out very good only diff being they were base coat and laquer but the s1 will be cellulos no point in putting base coat and laquer on a fiberglass car thats going to crack and craze :)
the wireing i have done all my self i have put all the rear loom in and all of the front loom in loooks realy neet and tidy?
just dont know were to start with wireing the switches in as they are all going on toggle switches :roll:
my mate is very good with electrics but just cant get him here to do it ,,
i have spent hrs on the rear tub but now its finnished it was well worth it,,
i will try and put some pics on here this week as i plan on getting the top coat on ,,still got a little bit of panneling to do inside but havent done this hence not wired up yet ,,,
i keep changing my mind for clocks for dash board aswell,, dont know wether to go and buy some nice smiths clocks of flea bay or buy an all in one vapour digital dash,,
i have made a black walnut dash wich realy looks nice cant wait to see it finnished and laquerd up..
go on get lowering them arches ;)

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Re: lofftys s1 rebuild

Postby flibble » Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:59 pm

Sounds like you're making a very nice job of this, I'll have to make sure I never park my poor effort next to yours! :D
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