1985 Dutton Phaeton Series 3 1300GT

Re: 1985 Dutton Phaeton Series 3 1300GT

Postby montythemole » Sat May 14, 2011 10:38 pm

Thanks gents, I may knock up the frame out of wood or threaded bar to check. It really looks like I would get better fit if I cut off the tube sections from the roll bar as really straining the fabric

"Looking at the last photo, are those two tubes on the front edge of the roll bar?"
Pretty much bang on centre on mine.

"Do you have two diagonal braces running from the roll bar down to the chassis in the boot?"
Sadly no, a simple U only. Have been considering a diagonal.

"Do you have two lugs welded halfway up the sides on the main bar and are they facing backward?"
No lugs at all. Only interesting things on the bar and the tubes for the roof support and two threaded holes for the seatbelts.
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